Wayne F. Miller photographs

Naples, Italy (girl holding toddler), 1944

Naples (friends), 1944

Blues at the Maxwell Street flea market, Chicago, 1947

U.S. Merchants, South Halsted Street, Chicago, IL, 1946

Keeping Warm in Pool Hall,Chicago, 1948

A strike captain during a protest by packing house workers. Chicago, March 1948.

USA, 1962

Vivian Henley, two hours old, held by her mother in Chicago, 1947. 

WWII, gelatin silver print

Those were the days--- Children in a cinema, USA 1958.

A girl “reading” Ebony magazine, Chicago, 1947 

Women accepted for volunteer emergency service, 1942-45.

Kangaroo Court for Juveniles, Chicago, 1946

Hanging Sheets, Concord, California, 1948

Chicago’s South Side, 1947

USA. Illinois. Chicago. 1946. Man at window of shack.

USA. Illinois. Chicago. 1948. Impromptu hoedown on the third floor of a horse barn.

Anthony Perkins photographed by Wayne Miller in Australia while filming On the Beach, 1959

Fred Astaire, Gregory Peck, and Ava Gardner on the set of On the Beach, Australia, 1959.

Children, Naples, 1944

USA. Illinois. Chicago. 1948. American singer Ella FITZGERALD

Orinda, California, 1950.

Franklin D. Roosevelt's Funeral Train Passes, 1945

Pacific Theater, WWII, 1942-45

Child Jumping (1946-1949)




1948. Chicago. A woman and her squatter's shack on a cold winter day.

 ITALY. Naples. July, 1944.

JAPAN. Hiroshima. September 8, 1945.